Flash game is a well-known genre in the virtual world. A flash game is played from within a web browser using the Adobe Flash player. These are popular to those who spend a lot of time surfing on the web browser. Ace Gangster Game is one of the popular flash games on websites. It was published by over fun games on 15th September 2011.

This game can be played in either story mode or free act. In the story mode the player has to complete missions and earn respect. Completing all the missions will make the player Ace Gangster, which is the biggest level of gangster.



  • The player can rent a hotel room or apartment to save the progress in type of Gangster Games.
  • The player can hijack a car by moving the blue stick between the red pins. Touching a red pin triggers the car alarm and the hijack fails right there.
  • Killing people or hitting police cars increase the danger level for the player. To escape from police, the player has to run away from police.
  • When the player enters a building, he/she gets different job offers. Different building shows different job offers. While assigning for one job, the player cannot take another job. When the job fails or the player gets busted, then the player can look for another job.
  • The player can save earned money by depositing them in the bank.
  • The player can destroy a building by plating bomb inside it and escaping from it within 5 seconds.
  • The player can race in Street Race. He can pick faster cars and tune it by adding nitrous.
  • He can hack information with the help of hacking software and computers, which can be found in school, library or computer office.
  • The player can attack bank or office if he has a gun or other weapon. He can earn a big amount of money or other valuable things from these places.

The player can play this game and challenge their friends at any level. This feature makes this game more interesting, when players accept their friends’ challenges. Completing challenges make the Gangster Games more competing.

Like most of the other games, this flash game has also some cheats to use. The player can use cheats to gain unlimited ammo or extra life or other useful things.

Flash games received appreciation from all over the world. Ace Gangster is one of the flash games which was critically acclaimed and praised. It was applauded for its easy to play UI and smoothness in the game. Though there are a few bugs in the game, the developers have promised to fix those bugs in the future updates.

Flash games need to be improved a little bit. Flash game developers need to add some more features into flash games like full screen gameplay, etc.

Despite the flaws, the flash games are getting popular day by day. The Ace Gangster game is one of the most popular flash games which will rule flash gaming genre someday.


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